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   Dialogic Vox Digital Audio Tools by Voice Information Systems Inc. 

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Perfect Prompts: Quick & Easy!

The Professional Prompt Editor
Sound Your Best!

Let VFEdit® turn your multimedia or voice processing PC into a voice prompt recording studio.

VFEdit (vee-ef-edit, for Voice File Editor) is a program that lets you edit sound the way a word processor lets you edit text. A word processor lets you to cut, copy, paste and re-arrange written words. VFEdit lets you do the same thing with spoken words—and a lot more.

Your voice system is only as good as it sounds. You want your audio presentations to sound good—just as you want your written presentations to look good. If you develop for voice processing, or if you only change, fix, and improve your voice prompts, you’ll find VFEdit just about indispensable.

Cut, Paste, and Effects Made Easy!

Quickly perform basic functions like record, play, crop, cut, copy and paste anywhere within a file, plus more sophisticated operations such as import/export, fade and echo.

Open multiple files in multiple formats at the same time. UnDo and ReDo commands let you experiment fearlessly. Specialized hot keys and icon bar commands allow rapid access to common editing functions.

Displays show total length, selected length, current position plus overview position in total file.

User configurable File, View, Effects, Play, and Record parameters let you tune the system for your needs.

Vox and Wave!


VFEdit lets you edit any length Multimedia Wave or Indexed (VBase) format files as easily as pure PCM and ADPCM. VFEdit even lets you import and export by providing automatic filtering and conversion.

"Superb Voice Editor - No more scissors and tape! Now you do it all on screen."
- Harry Newton, Publisher and Editor, Computer Telephony Magazine.









  • Record and Play using any Multimedia Wave or Dialogic compatible telephony card.

  • Experiment fearlessly with complete multiple-level binary UnDo and ReDo.

  • Multiple Document Interface lets you open multiple files in multiple formats simultaneously.

  • Edit Multimedia Wave and Indexed format files as easily as pure PCM & ADPCM.

  • Change Frequency, dynamic compress / expand, add echo, equalize, mix, volume normalize, reduce noise, fade in and out, generate tones, more!

  • Icon bar and specialized hot-keys for rapid access to common editing commands; File Open remembers previous file for fast sequencing.

VFEdit Features

Try VFEdit ¾ for a risk free test drive, download our "Working Demo". We think you’ll like it!

  • Powerful Editing Tools: Cut, Copy, Paste, anywhere within a file; Export to, Import from, and Mix from additional files. Erase, Crop, Trim Silence and Generate touch-tones or user selected tones. Select part of a file, or the whole file, and Scroll To any position.

  • Flexible File Handling: Edit any length Multimedia Wave or Indexed (VBase) files as easily as pure PCM & ADPCM. Full file import and export capability with automatic filtering & conversion.

  • Superior Graphical Display Multiple Document Interface allows you to open multiple files in multiple formats simultaneously. Zoom In to edit at single sample precision, Zoom Out to any user-defined resolution. Zoom to Fit your current selection for full screen control. Color-enhanced display of selection region for improved user response. Auto-scroll selection region at screen border when zoomed in. Graphical control of cursor for paste positioning.

  • Total System Control: Graphical and text displays shows total length, selected length, current position and overview position in total file. Record display shows elapsed time of record; triangular marker shows current position. Progress bar shows percentage complete for all operations estimated to exceed 1 second elapsed time. Record display volume level meter for more precise recording and troubleshooting. Device Select displays sound card capabilities.

  • UnDo/ ReDo: Complete multiple-level binary UnDo / ReDo for all edit operations (space permitting).

  • Audio Effects & Enhancement: Change frequency up or down, dynamic compress / expand for improved dynamic range, add echo with adjustable length and decay, Spectrum Analyzer with 8 band graphic equalizer, multiple track mix, volume normalize, reduce noise, fade in and out.

  • Rapid Access: File Open pre-selects previous file for fast sequencing to the next file; the File menu lists the most recently used files. The icon bar provides rapid access to File New, Open, Save; Edit Cut, Copy, Paste, Crop, Trim silence & Erase; Volume Up, Volume Down, Normalize; Play, Play loop, Rewind, Restart, & Record. Specialized hot-keys for indexed file Next, Previous, First, and Last for quick selection.

  • Configurable: User configurable File, View, Effects, Play, and Record parameters. Dual recording modes for Overlay (record over for a specified length) and Replace (replace selected section with new). User preferences for automatically selecting whole file or extents and for auto-padding with silence.

  • Conversion Free: "On-the-fly" conversion provides native-mode editing support for Dialogic 4 & 8 bit at 6 & 8 kHz, CCITT G.711 u-law and a-law at 8 kHz, CCITT G.721 8 kHz*, unsigned binary 8 bit (1 to 64 kHz), linear 16 bit (1 to 64 kHz), Multimedia Wave 8 and 16 bit (11 to 44 kHz), NewVoice CVSD (16 to 32 kHz)*, Perception Technology CVSD (32 kHz)*.

  • Our Editor Software Development Kit (SDK) provides Visual Basic user interface source so you can create your own editor; key locked and demo versions are available for OEMs and system integrators.


To run VFEdit you’ll need 486 DX 33 MHz processor running Microsoft Windows 3.x, Windows 95, or Windows NT. Record and play using any Windows compatible sound card or Dialogic compatible telephony board.

Pricing / Availability

  • VFEdit        $395

  • VFEdit Jr     - Call

  • VFEdit SDK - Call

Raising Your Voice to New Levels

Voice Information Systems, Inc. improves your digital voice communications using signal processing techniques. VINFO products include software for editing and managing digital sound and programming tools that help run your voice processing system. VFEdit resulted from the need to create, edit and convert audio prompts quickly and easily.

Founded in 1986, VINFO has been involved in voice processing since its inception. VINFO’s solid track record and superb reputation are a testament to the company’s commitment to excellence.